Equine Veterinary Clinical Ethology - Services
– Interactive equine behavioural workshops: Offered to the general public and to professionals. The workshops run over 2 consecutive days, a total of 6 case studies will be evaluated and discussed live. You have the option to bring your own horse as a case study or to participate as a member of the audience.

– Training courses: step by step approach to horse training by use of learning theory. These courses are designed for professionals in the field who wish to broaden their knowledge and skills when it comes to horse training and resolving behavioural problems.

– Lectures and seminars: covering a wide range of topics.

– Performance and wellbeing assessments. For those of you who believe that your horse is underperforming and/or is frequently displaying conflict behaviour, constantly has health issues, or simply because you want him to enjoy the best life possible.

– Behavioural consultations. For horses that are displaying undesirable, abnormal and/or dangerous behaviour and require a behavioural assessment, diagnosis and behavioural rehabilitation where applicable.