Behavioural consultation issues


  • Leading: reluctant to move forward, pulling, barging
  • Trailer loading or traveling issues
  • Difficulty when mounting
  • Difficulty shoeing/hoof trimming
  • Needle shy or difficult to administer oral medication
  • Aversion to hose pipes, plastic bags, sprays or other objects
  • Aggressive behaviour: striking, biting and kicking
  • Issues with the tack


  • Rearing, bucking, spinning, spookiness, napping or bolting
  • Reluctant to go forward
  • Reluctant to stop, stand or back up
  • Nervous and tense
  • Falling in/out, drifting sideways or difficulty with lateral movements
  • Losses of rhythm or straightness
  • Issues with the bit or maintaining a steady contact
  • Poor performance due to behavioural issues


Please note that in this category, eradication of the behaviour may not be possible. The therapy given will aim to reduce the behaviour and increase the horse’s quality of life. This will most certainly involve lifestyle changes and possibly other methodologies.

  • Separation anxiety
  • Stereotypical behaviour: crib-biting, wind-sucking, weaving, wood chewing and fence/stable walking
  • Other abnormal behaviour